Deal Analyzer SOP


Deal Analyzer SOP Workbook

How to determine the value of any property, calculate risks, and project potential profits.

We Built This For The Kingdom Minded Investor Looking To Protect Themselves From Losses Using A Proven Step-By-Step Procedure.


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John Laychak

My whole life I felt called to fund the Kingdom and Jeff helped me go from completely broke to completely free and living the life of Kingdom Abundance and I’m able to give more than I used to make!

Bill Hook

Diving into real estate led me into knowing Jeff Rutkowski, and he became my first coach. After he helped me land my first deal, we went on and on and on. Jeff drove me and inspired me to go past my fears.

Jason & David Benham

You know why we love Kingdom 320 and Jeff? It is because everything that Jeff is teaching is the same thing that we have been doing but Jeff put it into an actual platform teaching people exactly how to do it.

Nathan A.

In 2020 I left my Job as a mortgage loan officer and shifted to being a full time real estate investor. We have successfully flipped a few houses and have continued to buy rental properties... In about a month I’ll personally own about 15 rental units.


I submitted to a full immersion with Jeff Rutkowski July of 2021 and 6 months after that, I was able to successfully establish my first passive income stream. I wholeheartedly recommend Kingdom 320.

Neels Van Der Linde

There's close to $45,000 to $50,000 of profit in there for me... Coach Eric and Jeff and everybody else at Kingdom 320, thank you so much for saving my life; that I can actually leave a pharmacy profession and just immerse myself in this new world of real estate... thank you so much.

Here's What You're Getting Inside The Deal Analyzer Workbook

  • The Exact 21 Page System I Use To Evaluate Any Deal, Calculate Risk, And Project Potential Profits.
  • 6 Critical Documents Every Investor Needs For Protecting Themselves From Painful Losses.
  • ​Warning Signs of Deals That Looked Good On The Surface (but after further inspection, were not worthwhile to say the LEAST)
  • ​Tools I Personally Recommend For Pin Pointing The TRUE Value Of A Property.
  • ​How To Spot The Few Deals That Are Projected To Meet Your Profitability Goals.
  • Quality Control Process To Ensure Your Numbers Are As Close To Accurate As Humanly Possible.
  • Bonus "Deal Analyzer For Flips" Worksheets (Pages 11-13)


More Reviews


Jeff Rutkowski has been a life saver for me! I have talked about going into real estate for such a long time but was too scared to make a move. Jeff not only has taken the time to teach me from step one, but has been a huge encourager and with that I was able to finally make my move! 

Jeff helped me reach my goal in purchasing my very first rental property. Because of Jeff’s guidance and expertise my first investment has been such a big win! I have been blessed to work with the best and I am looking forward to my next investment which is right around the corner!


I have been amazed with the growth and professional knowledge of Jeff over the years. I have watched him lead multiple seminars, sharing his knowledge with a passion that you can only have by loving what you do. 

I am convinced that Jeff will not be fulfilled until everyone connected to him embodies the principles that he teaches day in and day out. I cannot recommend a better coach if you are interested in creating wealth in real estate.


Jeff has been a catalyst for helping us build our real estate portfolio. 

He has helped us understand the value of leveraging equity in our existing property to grow that into cash flowing assets in single family, vacation rentals and multi family properties. 

He is a trusted coach and lives what he preaches.


Jeff Rutkowski is a wealth of knowledge in all things real estate. 

Whether it’s evaluating properties in any asset class, predicting successful markets, finding the best loans, partnering with property managers or getting creative to close deals, his wisdom and ability to execute is second to none.


Jeff Rutkowski has been a phenomenal coach, he is extremely knowledgeable with decades of experience. He guided us through what was totally unknown to us and made it one of the smoothest processes we could have ever imagined; converting my dad's home into a rental property. 

He found the investors, he found the property managers, he found an excellent contractor to do the renovations, and in a quick short period of time we were able to get long term renters. 

We became profitable very quickly. I would highly recommend anyone looking to invest in real estate to start with Jeff Rutkowski.


I’ve had the privilege of learning from Jeff over the last 3 years. His insight into the real estate industry has made a huge impact on me and my friends. 

His knowledge has enlarged my vision of what’s possible and given me practical tools to profit financially by investing in real assets that cash flow and create freedom. 

I have today a winning mentality and strategy to win in the years to come. Thank you, Jeff!


Two and a half years ago, I wish I could’ve started back and gotten Jeff as my personal mentor. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be at, at this point.


I'm so happy and proud to have Jeff Rutkowski as our real estate mentor. One of the most important things he teaches: GET INTO THE GAME. Thank you, Jeff. God bless you, brother, for doing this.


Through connections at our church, we found out that Jeff Rutkowski was launching his Kingdom 320 program. We knew that he's a guy we can trust, so we jumped into the program. He is extremely knowledgeable and wise in the real estate arena.
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